new: monoprints


Click on a photo and then click on the title of the work for more information. You will also see what a monoprint of iPad art would look like in a living or working space.


These monoprints are unique prints of iPad art. Signed by the artist. If you order a work, it will be printed exclusively for you. The picture frames are examples. Please discuss your wishes for a frame with me before you order. Or order without frame.


To prevent these iPad digital artworks from being illegally downloaded, the photos are labeled 'copyright'. The artwork will be printed and delivered without the label.



monoprints sweden series:

monoprints sailing series:

monoprints moon series:


With the sale of a one-time print (monoprint) of an iPad artwork, the artist undertakes not to sell any more prints of this digital file. This way the artwork remains unique as a monoprint. But the digital file - and with it the image rights - remains the property of the artist. She reserves the right to use photos and/or videos image for representative purposes. The status of this work of art is therefore the same as that of an oil painting: unique.


Are you looking for a particular monoprint you've ever seen with me? Or would you like to exchange ideas about a monoprint for your home or your workspace? Ask for a free art advice >>>