OIL PAINTING 40x80cm Where are we now?


oil on canvas, 40x80cm
sides finished white
with hanging system

This painting just popped up. I sometimes have that. And also the title just came to mind: “Where are we now?” I didn't immediately know what it all meant. A while later I suddenly realized: “Where are we now?” is a song by David Bowie. A song with a sad, ominous atmosphere, in which he talks about “Walking the dead”. Sombre. 

"Walking the dead". I understand that as "walking with death". Like “walking the dog” means more or less the same as “walking with the dog”.

There I did have a clue to explain my painting. The trees seem to be dead. But on a closer look: there are some buds and fresh leaves on the branches. And I am also alive, while walking with death, as we all do. But where do we walk? I don't know where this landscape is. So the question is: "Where are we now?"