MONOPRINT (iPad art) ‘Sailing IV’


A monoprint is a one-time printed work of art. This monoprint is a print of iPad art, signed by the artist (Anet Verdonk). Exclusively and on demand printed on high quality fine art paper. Sharp and clear print, no reflections, no shiny coatings. Pasted on alu-dibond* for a nice tight effect. Can be hung on the wall as is, or with a frame.

*alu-dibond is a hard thin sheet of two aluminium layers with synthetich material in between.

  • Size: 60x80cm.
  • No frame.
  • Delivery costs included in the Netherlands and in most EU countries.
  • Please take into account a delivery time of several weeks.

With the sale of a one-time print (monoprint) of an iPad artwork, the artist undertakes not to sell any more prints of this digital file. This way the artwork remains unique as a monoprint. But the digital file - and with it the image rights - remains the property of the artist. She reserves the right to use the image for representative purposes. The status of this work of art is therefore the same as that of an oil painting: unique.