terms and conditions oil paintings


Each painting on this website has been photographed with care. However, a painting in a photo can look different than in reality. Therefore, if desired, you can make an appointment to view paintings first. Make an appointment by e-mail or by telephone. Visiting is without obligation. After all, it may happen that you do not like the painting as much as you thought.

I work with prices based on size. The price list is set. You can see what it costs for each painting on this website. The prices are not negotiable. All paintings have finished sides (usually white) and a hanging system on the back. So a list is not immediately necessary, but a nice list can of course add something. I leave that choice to you. I deliver work on paper in a passe-partout (mostly white). You can then look for a frame that matches your interior.

If you buy a painting via the webshop function, I will contact you to make an appointment so that you can pick it up. If the painting turns out not to meet your expectations, you will get your money back. But maybe it's more fun to see if you like another painting better. Any settlement of different prices can then be done on the spot.

If you decide to purchase during a visit to my studio and our living room gallery, I ask you to pay online before you take the painting with you. For recent paintings, this can be done via the webshop function. Payment in installments is negotiable. If you have paid (or if you have made a down payment and if we have made agreements about the terms) you can of course take your new painting with you. Unless there is an exhibition, the work will remain on display until the end of the exhibition.


If you cannot or do not want to take the painting with you, you can also pick it up later. Or you can have it delivered to your home at your own expense and responsibility. If this causes problems, we will make other arrangements in good consultation.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.


terms and conditions monoprints of iPad art


iPad art is digital art. A work only becomes tangible when it is printed. The photos on this website are therefore shielded with the text 'example/example'. This prevents illegal downloading. Of course, the digital file will be printed without this text. One-time. On-demand. So that it becomes a unique work of art.


If a work has been printed once, it is immediately sold out.


With the sale of a one-time print (monoprint) of an iPad artwork, the artist undertakes not to sell any more prints of this digital file. This way the artwork remains unique. But the digital file - and with it the image rights - remains the property of the artist. It reserves the right to use photos and/or videos of the artwork for representative purposes. The status of this work of art is therefore the same as that of an oil painting: unique.


For the display of a digital file on a screen, 'what you see is what you get' usually applies. However, it does depend on your screen settings. That is why a monoprint can differ slightly from what you see on your screen. So it would be good to make a proof first, but unfortunately that is not possible due to the costs. The work is printed in high quality on special fine art paper. I do have some sample proofs in the studio. If you want to see them first, make an appointment by e-mail or by telephone. A visit to my studio and our living room gallery is without obligation.


I work with prices based on cost price and size. The price list is set. You can see the price for each monoprint on this website. The prices are not negotiable. You can choose from different sizes with corresponding prices. And if desired, you can have the work framed immediately at cost price plus administration costs.


If you buy a monoprint, I will commission the printing/framing company. It will then deliver directly to you. I'm not in that anymore. But if there is something wrong with it, please contact me first anyway. Then I can contact the supplier if necessary. Or then I can solve the problem in another way.


If the monoprint you purchased is OK, but it still doesn't meet your expectations, please contact me right away. Maybe we can solve the problem. In any case, you have the right to get your money back if you complain within 14 days. And if you return the artwork within 14 days. In that case, send it to me (see address at the bottom of this page). So please don't send it back to the printer/framer, unless we have agreed otherwise together.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.