about the artist


I have been making and selling paintings for about 10 years. Recently I also started making ipad-art. Which I have printed professionally on dibond or fine art paper. I have now sold more than 80 works of art. And I have many satisfied customers. I can put you in touch with one or a few buyers, if you would like real and honest testimonials.


I made these self-portraits in 2021 on my iPad with the Procreate app. Same person, different moods.


I am a self-proclaimed visual artist and painter, as I have no formal art training. Some people think that's wonderful, others think it's arrogant. Take it or leave it. But I have followed a large number of drawing and painting courses, both in the Netherlands and in Italy.

In the distant past I went to gymnasium and after some wanderings I trained to be an editor. I also studied public administration. Before I started painting, I worked as an editor, copywriter, speechwriter and communications consultant. First as an independent entrepreneur and later as an employee of the national government. An interesting career in which I learned a lot, but painting was actually my true love. So I count myself lucky to be able to focus on that.

Painting is a learning process in itself. I always reach a little further than I can. I'm always looking for ways to do things differently. If I keep doing that, it's never going to be a trick.
The flip side of the coin is that paintings sometimes fail. I don't show failed paintings, but I do learn something from them. Sometimes I immediately see what I have learned. Sometimes it doesn't dawn on me until years later.

If I'm lucky, there's an invisible third hand that paints along. Call it flow. Or inspiration. I cannot force that invisible hand to cooperate. When it happens, it almost always results in a painting that I am satisfied with.

My paintings are made in oils. With ipad art, I have taken a new direction. On the iPad, I can paint endlessly without touching a brush. Fascinating. And I learn a lot from it. It influences my way of oil painting in a surprising way. I'm curious how that will continue.

If you have any questions, tips or comments, feel free to email me. Would you like to take a look at the studio and view paintings in our living room gallery? Make an appointment please.