anet verdonk fine art

Are you looking for a unique artwork?


You can buy my work online through this website. Or contact me at or +31624647407.


Do you want to know more first? Then read on here. Or just give me a call.


I have been making and selling paintings for about 10 years. Most paintings are oil on canvas. I have now sold 80 artworks (see page with sold work). I have many happy customers. Some have already bought two or more of my works. Believe me. Or if you wish, I might put you in touch with one of them.


Recently I also make digital art. I have unique prints made of these: monoprints. Those are one-off prints of iPad art. The first 5 monoprints are already sold. Apparently this new development is catching on.


Current guideline for my work:

The figurative, the determined, the defined. I'll leave it hanging by a thread. How can I provide shape and color with minimal instructions to resemble something? And do they still do what I ask them? Or would they rather go their own way?