anet verdonk - fine art

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Are you looking for a unique painting for your wall?


An oil painting by Anet Verdonk is a sustainable work of art. Unique oil paintings are for sale here. Artistic, modern, contemporary art for your wall. Figurative with an inclination towards the abstract. High quality oil paint (Old Holland Classic Colours).

A monoprint by Anet Verdonk is a print of a digital painting, created on iPad in the Procreate app. I'm only having it printed 1 time. That's why it's called a monoprint. Special monoprints (art prints) are for sale here. A new art collection that I offer since 2023.

Festive offers until December 31, 2023. Art prints of original iPad art. For example on cardboard. Affordable, lightweight and environmentally friendly. And art calendars on paper. Affordable printing. Limited editions. Order directly online. Shipping to another address is possible.

I have been making and selling paintings for about 10 years. Recently I also make monoprints. I have now sold more than 80 artworks. And I have many happy customers. I can put you in touch with one (or more) of them, if you would like a true testimonial. More about the artist.

Current guideline for my work:
The figurative, the determined, the defined. I'll leave it hanging by a thread. How can I provide shape and color with minimal instructions to resemble something? And do they still do what I ask them? Or would they rather go their own way? Read more about this art.