I take on commissioned work. This means that I make a painting at the request of someone else. I then take the customer's preferences and specifications into account. You can think of: format, theme, material. It could be digital art or oil painting. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more:

Below is an example of a recent commission: a diptych for a new meeting room. Digital art printed on acoustic panels.

“Land Notions” (2023) 
iPad art (digital art)
rinted on acoustic photo panels
370 x 185 cm per panel


This diptych was created on commission for Ruud Mantingh, CEO of Aequator Groen + Ruimte, a consultancy and research firm specializing in soil, water, nature, and agriculture.

It is a creative representation of the work field of Aequator Groen + Ruimte, illustrating the essential role of the ground beneath our feet. Whether for nature, agriculture, homes, roads, water, windmills, and more, the artwork reflects the intricate balance between various interests in our flat country. Land is scarce, requiring knowledge to solve the puzzle.

These two digital artworks mirror each other yet remain distinct. Free-flying birds and necessary windmills don’t share the same canvas but exist on separate panels, acknowledging the need for space for both. The left panel reveals human traces while maintaining a calm and spacious ambiance. In the right panel, human influence on the landscape is more pronounced, emphasizing human presence.

The theme of this commission aligns seamlessly with my work: landscape as a source of inspiration. Creating space. Setting the atmosphere. Playing with color and form.

The acoustic panels were supplied by easy noise control, a company specializing in acoustics and sound insulation.