Capture the moment

Published on 17 October 2023 at 18:08

It started with me taking a photo of a photographer. That was during a road trip through the south of the USA, in a small town along the Mississippi. We were in a coffee house where underprivileged young people gain work experience.


The young photographer was there too. He was concentrated. There was something touching about his eagerness. On a whim, I grabbed my iPhone and took a snapshot of the photographer in action.


Once back home, the boy kept haunting my mind. Who was he? (Or maybe it was a girl?) What was his background? Would he one day become a famous photographer? Or would his ambitions drown in the swamp that the southern USA unfortunately still is for many blacks?


I will never get answers to such questions unless I contact the photographer. That would be quite a feat. And of course that boy is not interested in my curiosity.


That's why I started working with my snapshot as a reference photo. As you can see, a series of four has been released. The different background colors are dominant to show that the environment determines a lot.


I have only indicated the knee and shin with a line. The environment there also has a lot of space. You can also see that the background color is, as it were, creeping into his sweater. It now looks like a ribcage. That fits into the story: who are you; where did you grow up; how compelling is that background? But above all: will you seize the opportunity to make something of it?


This series is part of an offer that runs until December 31 this year. I have the series printed on honeycomb cardboard, 'on demand' and in a limited edition. Then probably on dibond in gallery quality, but that will be much more expensive.


'Capture the moment' 4 art prints on cardboard


* 4 IPad artworks (40x30cm) for €125

* together 1 work of art (but also available individually for €40)

* printed on 1.5 cm thick honeycomb cardboard

* lightweight

* limited edition

* relatively very favorable price (see monoprints to compare)

* playful: you can group them in all kinds of ways (see photos)

* tough appearance (but vulnerable material)

* including shipping costs in the Netherlands


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