Yes! is up and running!

Published on 5 December 2022 at 13:14
Screenshot of website Anet Verdonk

And I am proud of it. is in English. The Dutch site is of course still there:

Both have a new design, a new page menu and a new page layout. More concise. Clearer. Quieter.


Thanks to some of the 'faithful friends' who have commented on the previous version. Thanks to their constructive comments, I was able and dared to make the decision to make everything a little more 'lean and mean'.


I am very satisfied with it. And I hope you think it's progress too.


“Kill your darlings” is an expression I know from the writing world. It also applies to writing and organizing my website, because I found it difficult to let go of some good ideas from the past.


But It worked.


It was a huge job. In fact, I had been working on it for months. Step by step I translated all Dutch texts into English. Recently I split everything into two languages on two websites.


Why two websites?


Why not just one of those English flags, which you can click on to get the translation? Because then I can translate everything, except all texts of webshop articles. Unfortunately, that's how it works with my provider. So the choice was: either no webshop in English, or another provider. Not great options. Therefore this choice:


Soon I will come with a brand new page on both websites: Monoprints. Unique printing of iPad art. Printed once 'on demand' on beautiful fine art paper. With or without frame. I will not reveal more now. To get an impression, you can click on monoprints in the page menu above.