Available now: monoprints of iPad art

Published on 13 December 2022 at 16:39

A monoprint is a one-time printed work of art. Traditionally printed manually, but things change.


My monoprints are also unique. But they are a little different. They are one-off prints of iPad art. Until they are printed, they only exist as digital files. And as photo’s on my websites.


If you order a work, I will sign it and have it printed. Only 1 time. Hence the name 'monoprint'.


The work is printed on high quality fine art paper. That gives a sharp and pure print. No reflection, no shiny coating. The paper is pasted on alu-dibond for a nice tight effect. Alu-dibond is a thin hard plate of two layers of aluminum with synthetic material in between.


You can hang the work on the wall as it is, or with a frame around it. And you can choose from two sizes: 30x40cm and 60x80cm. If desired, delivered in a chic narrow wooden frame: choice of natural, black or white.


Unique? Certainly!


Once you have ordered a monoprint - it doesn't matter what size you choose - the artwork is immediately sold out. I will not sell anymore prints of this digital file. This way the artwork remains unique. Like an oil painting: there is only 1 original.


And to prevent these digital iPad artworks from being illegally downloaded from my websites, it says 'copyright' on the photos. Of course, the monoprint is delivered without text on it.


I started with 8 different iPad artworks, in the series 'Moonlight' and 'Swedish landscape'. Maybe you like to take a look? You can simply view the photos, or click through to get more information about the work.


And to show you what a monoprint looks like hanging on the wall, I've included photos of the iPad artwork in a variety of living and working spaces.


monoprints >>>