Memorable days calendar

Published on 12 September 2023 at 21:11

A memorable days calendar is more than a birthday calendar. This art calendar is intended for your valuable memories. Write them all down, beautiful or sad, they are part of your life. But of course you can also use it 'just' as a birthday calendar. Or hang it on the wall because of the beautiful iPad art.


So an art calendar. With a different iPad artwork every month. Twelve colorful works with the theme of flowers in a vase. Silly? That's for you to decide. But you know flowers are suitable for almost all occasions and events. So the flower is the theme par excellence for such a calendar.


Moreover, flowers represent the seasons: tulips in spring and dahlias in autumn. To give just one example. By the way, I was not interested in the exact similarity, but in creating colorful atmospheric images.


You can easily hang this memorable days calendar on the wall. The size is 30x30cm. I am releasing it in a limited edition of 30 pieces. And it only costs 48 euros each!


You probably think that's a lot of money. I understand that. Yet it is really very affordable, if you consider that a single art print of this size easily costs around 20 euros at the printer. Excluding shipping costs. And then you haven't paid for the artwork itself yet.


And finally: this 48 euros includes shipping costs in the Netherlands.


Don't ask how it can be done, but take advantage of it!